Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elizabeth Warren is Jennifer Granholm With a Brain

Therefore, dangerous

Warren is being willfully duplicitous. She knows perfectly well what "corporate personhood" is all about. Her background is bankruptcy and commercial law. Corporations are treated as "persons" when it comes to contracts and legal proceedings.

Her thing about people "living and loving and dancing" is nice and all, but she knows it's nonsense. In a court of law, or in negotiating a contract, the fact that someone "lives and loves and dances" is irrelevant.

Are Liberals suggesting that rights of incorporation and rights to negotiate contracts should be abolished?

That is silly. All of us have the right to incorporate and make contracts. It is a necessary protection and falls under the Rule of Law.

There is a small corporation in my neighborhood - the water company. Some time ago, the residents were fed up with mismanagement by the town, so they formed their own corporation to manage their water and sewers.

Are you telling us that these people did not have the right to incorporate? or that once incorporated, their company would have no legal rights or standing?   That's madness. No one would have agreed to the incorporation if liabilities were to fall on any of the individuals involved.

The corporation is thus set aside from the individuals, so that responsibility for any damages or liabilities would fall on the corporation as an entity, and not on the personal assets of the owners.

This is nothing new. It goes back to English Common Law. Contrary to what Liberals believe, the Citizens United case did NOT determine that "corporations are people."  It was already a fact prior to that case.

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