Thursday, September 6, 2012

Addendum: Stupidity Emerges From Georgetown
Sandra Fluke's Apocalyptic Warning


Sandra Fluke delivered her speech to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. Our young(ish) public interest law scholar certainly distinguished herself on that crowded stage in Charlotte.

Counselor Fluke's in-your-face reality:  The decision we make in November will determine the Fate of the Republic.  Future One, or Future Two?  There are no alternatives:

1)  A dystopian, horrific world in which the majority of insurance plans cover birth control.

2)  The promise of an enlightened tomorrow in which the vast majority of  insurance plans cover birth control.

Let it not be written of us:

All for the want of C-O-C-P
An Empire thus fell,

And is lost to hist'ry.

America:  The choice could not be more stark.

                         Sandra Say:  "Choose."

Wayne Falkland is Senior Editor at Info-Quarter.  (Photo Courtesy Spoon Images.)

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