Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama's Woman Thing

WASHINGTON (AP) - [O]n Saturday, all-women [sic] Barnard College said Obama would speak at the school's graduation ceremony in May.

President Obama is too clever by half.  Commencement is two months away, and by then the dust will have settled from the Limbaugh/Fluke/Pelosi-and-her-Flying Monkeys drama.

Also, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on the constitutionality of P-PACA at the end of this month - which is really the heart of the whole matter.  No matter what the court rules (or fails to rule), Mr. Obama will look like he's beating a dead nag. 

What he really needs is a good ol' bogus racial incident, ala the Dr. Gates/Cambridge Police circus. I'm sure one is in the works already (slated as an October Surprise), but now TeamObama may have to move the date up a few months to, say, April or so.

-Wayne Falkland

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